About Us


Travels Serbia is a brand new organisation established to promote ethno tourism destinations in Serbia, the specific and preserved culture, tradition and old heritage. 

It was created mainly to support tourism activities and to meet the needs for development of responsible and sustainable tourism in the small communities. 

Ethnic Tourism in Serbia is much more than travel, it is unique experience of different culture and tradition and an opportunity to learn about unique lifestyle, customs and tradition.

Tourism in Serbia promotes locations that will offer the most interesting experience of authentic local culture, tradition and natural surrounding. We are here to connect you with the beauty that lies around the world.

Ethnic Tourism in Serbia have network of various tourism partners that have designed different packages for your stay to relax your mind, body and soul.

Visitors can experience, learn and build relationships with friendly locals in a fun and truly inspiring environment of the peaceful highlighted places of the natural wellness and spa, natural springs, enjoy country side and mineral, clear water and rivers in Serbia.